There is no time for writing blogs in May. Everything is in bloom, and when the weather was good, there were dozens of garden chores to be done. Rose and other garden events are frequent during the month. And when the roses are in bloom, it’s a great time to photograph all the ones of uncertain identification to see if I can figure out which are correctly identified and which aren’t. And with all the rain, we were able to keep planting roses, which meant updating the nursery spreadsheets as well as the databases. I kept telling myself that I can write a blog about something as soon as I get caught up on the databases and spreadsheets. Well, I’m sort of caught up, 2 weeks into June. I still have a lot of photos to check against descriptions of the roses. But I can do that all summer. Oh, yeah- May was also our 25th wedding anniversary, so we spent a few days in the Sierra foothills. No internet for almost 4 whole days. I decided not to blog about that trip, since it was an anniversary, and that should be relatively private. But I will show some pictures, and some of the rose pictures I took, just for fun.

Altaville Pernetiana

Altaville Pernetiana

This is probably Talisman. It grows near Angel’s Camp, and we stopped to take pictures.

Sierra Railroad Engine #3

Sierra Railroad Engine #3

If you’ve ever seen an old train in a movie or TV show, this was the engine. Hollywood has used it for decades. It’s at the Sierra Railroad State Park in Jamestown. We took a ride on one of the other trains there.

Calaveras Big Tree

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

There was still snow on the ground, but we walked around where it wasn’t too slippery for our shoes. This is a composite of several photos, as you can’t get a whole Sierra Redwood in one picture.

Back at home, here are some plants by my tiny pond. The rose is a volunteer. It’s a seedling of Francis E. Lester, but has larger flowers, and not nearly as many of them. There’s also a volunteer Euphorbia, known as ‘gopher purge’, but in my experience, it doesn’t. The mass of long narrow leaves behind is some bulb that multiplies a lot, but never blooms. I put it around the pond to help keep raccoons out. During the spring, most days when the sun was shining, tree frogs could be seen sitting on the leaves. I was hoping for pollywogs in the pond, but haven’t seen any yet.

Pond area plants

Pond area plants


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Since 2005, I have been the Curator of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, a part of Guadalupe River Parks and Gardens near downtown San Jose. I write about the Heritage Rose Garden, my garden and my travels when I feel inspired and have time. Since I have no regular schedule, if you'd like to know when I write a new article, please subscribe to this blog.
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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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