Gophers, part 2

Since writing my first post on gophers, I noticed that part of a rose was dying. It was hard to reach the base of that rose, but I managed to poke about enough to open the tunnel. I just left it that way, knowing the gopher would fill it in, which he did that night. The rest of that rose is still doing fine. All the perennials I planted over filled in tunnels are also doing fine. He hasn’t gone back to any places that he filled in.

One day a couple of weeks ago I found a pile of dirt near the bay window. As it was easily accessible I set the traps. In the morning, I collected the traps from the now filled in hole. The west side trap had been sprung, but not the east side one. There hasn’t been any obvious activity east of the bay window since. I think the gopher has decided not to go back to the east side, where he has evaded traps four times, and stick to the west side where he has only evaded the traps once.

My conclusion is that it is impossible to trap this gopher, but I can train it.  When I see signs of activity where I don’t want him, I just need to open the hole, so he will fill it in and go by some other route.  The saga still continues…


About Jill Perry

Since 2005, I have been the Curator of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, a part of Guadalupe River Parks and Gardens near downtown San Jose. I write about the Heritage Rose Garden, my garden and my travels when I feel inspired and have time. Since I have no regular schedule, if you'd like to know when I write a new article, please subscribe to this blog.
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One Response to Gophers, part 2

  1. Jeri Jennings says:

    Once you get your gophers trained, come down here.
    You can spend the next few decades trying to train OUR army of gophers.

    Our best bet: One of the neighbors recently found a gopher snake, and a king snake.

    Jeri Jennings

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