Finding Roses in the Sierra foothills – part 4

On Sunday afternoon, Judy and I headed down to Altaville. I’ve been to the cemeteries there before, and many of the roses are now growing at the Heritage Rose Garden, but there was one I hadn’t collected yet, and another couple I wanted to get cuttings from.

On the way, we drove through Calaveritas, where a homeowner kindly let us take cuttings of a white hybrid perpetual.

Next, we stopped to visit Rusty Rolleri who lives near Altaville and had some cuttings for Judy to pick up. We had a nice time chatting at her house and looking at her garden. I was able to test out our senses of smell with her Rosa roxburghii. I don’t like the scent of this rose, but have known people who think it smells fine, and others who can’t smell it at all. I was already aware from this trip that Judy and I have very different senses of smell, and she could not smell this rose. Rusty agreed with me- not pleasant.

At the cemeteries, we visited many old friends. “Sawyer Plot Tea” (Mme Lambard) had been trimmed to a much shorter rose than when I’d seen it before. “Tylor Carll”, “Elias Field” and several others were looking very healthy, but some needed water, and we found a hose and watered them. “Dr. Kelly” (Paul Neyron) continues to grow. I took cuttings of “Adele Smith”, a rose along the lines of Rosa rouletii. I also took a couple cuttings from “Frank Dorroh”, as the plant we have now is with the Chinas, and I’d also like one with the minis. Over at the Catholic Cemetery, we watered our old friend “Whittle-Byer”, which appears to be Lady Mary Fitzwilliam. It was collected for the Heritage several times, under several names, and the garden has at least 5 plants of it. We watered several other plants as we walked around.  There was also a pernetiana in Altaville on Hwy 49 that Judy has been unsuccessful in rooting. I’m giving it a try and hoping to succeed. The rose is probably ‘Talisman’.

Altaville Pernetiana

Back at Judy’s house, I collected cuttings of several of her plants, and dug up suckers of five others that are harder to start from cuttings.  In all, when I headed home Monday, I had 5 suckers, and cuttings of 30 roses in two terrariums.


About Jill Perry

Since 2005, I have been the Curator of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, a part of Guadalupe River Parks and Gardens near downtown San Jose. I write about the Heritage Rose Garden, my garden and my travels when I feel inspired and have time. Since I have no regular schedule, if you'd like to know when I write a new article, please subscribe to this blog.
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